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Digital Preservation Center of NSLC 会议论文
iPRES 2013: proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, Lisboa ,Portugal, 2013-09
Authors:  Wu ZX(吴振新)
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Preservation  Digital Objects  Ipres  International Conference  
Research and Practice on SIP Ingestion Based on Trusted Workflow Management 会议论文
, kunming,China, 2009-11
Authors:  Wu Zhenxin;  Liu Jianhua;  Gao Jianxiu
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Developing a CAS E-Journal Archiving System 会议论文
, Beijing, October 11-12, 2007
Authors:  Zhang Zhixiong;  Wu Zhenxin;  Guo Wenli;  Zhao Qi;  Liu Jianhua
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