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半监督的网络科技信息分类模型 期刊论文
现代图书情报技术, 2014, 期号: 30, 页码: 53-58
Authors:  李传席;  张智雄;  刘建华;  钱力
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“Term clumping” for technical intelligence: A case study on dye-sensitized solar cells 期刊论文
Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2014, 卷号: 85, 期号: 6, 页码: 26-39
Authors:  Zhang Y(张嶷);  Alan L. Porter;  Hu ZY(胡正银);  Ying Guo;  Nils C. Newman
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Term Clumping  Dye-sensitized Solar Cells  Dsscs  Tech Mining  Technical Intelligence  Text Clustering  Text Analytics  
Automatic classification of patents oriented to TRIZ: a case study on large aperture optical elements 会议论文
4th Global Tech Mining Conference, Leiden,Netherland, 2014.9.2
Authors:  Hu ZY(胡正银);  Fang S(方曙);  Wen Y(文奕);  Zhang X(张娴);  Liang T(梁田)
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Topic Model  Automatic Classification  Sao Clumping  Semantic Knowledge Representation  Patent Analysis