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A Comparative Study on the Biotechnology Patents of CAS 会议论文
, Brasil, 2009-07-14~2009-07-17
Authors:  Chen YW(陈云伟);  Yang ZP(杨志萍);  Fang S(方曙);  Yunwei Chen;  Zhiping Yang;  Shu Fang
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Profiles of Technological Capabilities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)--A Comparison of Patenting Activities of the CAS with other National Level Institutions 会议论文
, 西班牙, 2007-06-25-2007-06-27
Authors:  Yang Zhiping;  Fang Shu;  Chen Yunwei;  Wang Chun;  Wen Yi;  Hu Zhengying;  ZhengYing
Adobe PDF(2962Kb)  |  Favorite  |  View/Download:1069/219  |  Submit date:2009/03/03
Patent Quantative Analyse  Patent Family  Technology Field  Technology Cooperation  National Institution