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How large is large enough? 会议论文
, 武汉, 2017.10.16-10.20
Authors:  Shen, Zhesi;  Yang, Liying;  Di, Zengru;  Wu, Jinshan
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Detecting the Key Nodes in Citation Network by Applying Weighted Degree Centrality Measure:the Case of Astronomy Field 会议论文
, Nancy, France, 2016-12-12——2016-12-15
Authors:  YanqiZhai;  Liying Yang;  Ting Yue
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Measuring the Academic Impact of Researchers by Combined Citation and Collaboration impact 会议论文
Proceedings of ISSI 2013—14th International Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, Vienna,Austria, 2013.7.15-2013.7.19
Authors:  Ding Jielan;  Liying Yang;  Qing Liu
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A Comparison of Disciplinary Structure in Science between the G7 and the BRIC countries by bibliometric methods 会议论文
ISSI 2011, 南非 德班, 2011.7-5-7
Authors:  Ting Yue;  Liying Yang;  Jielan Ding;  Tao Han
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Systematic mapping of subfields of Immunology for government policy makers 会议论文
, 奥地利, 2008-09-12
Authors:  Liying Yang;  Steven A. Morris;  Bihui Jin
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Directional returns to scale of biological institutes in Chinese Academy of Sciences 会议论文
PROCEEDINGS OF ISSI 2013, Vienna, Austria, 15th to 20th July 2013
Authors:  Guoliang Yang;  Liying Yang;  Wenbin Liu;  Xiaoxuan Li;  Chunliang Fan
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