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Mining Hot Research Topics based on Complex Network Analysis - A Case Study on Regenerative Medicine 会议论文
, 葡萄牙丰沙尔, 2017.11.1-2017.11.3
Authors:  Ceng RQ(曾荣强);  Pang HS(庞弘燊);  Tan XC(覃筱楚);  Song YB(宋亦兵);  Wen Y(文奕);  Hu ZY(胡正银);  Yang N(杨宁);  Guo HM(郭红梅);  Qian L(钱力);  Hu ZY(胡正银)
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Hot Research Topics  Modularity Function  Regenerative Medicine  Community Detection  Hypervolume Indicator  
Solving the Bi-criteria Max-Cut Problem with Different Neighborhood Combination Strategies 会议论文
, 中国 桂林, 2017.10.30-2017.11.1
Authors:  Li-Yuan Xue;  Ceng RQ(曾荣强);  Hu ZY(胡正银);  Wen Y(文奕)
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Identifying Research Fronts Based on Scientific Papers and Patents using Topic Model:a Case Study on Regenerative Medicine 会议论文
, 美国 亚特兰大, 2017.10.09
Authors:  Hu ZY(胡正银);  Pang HS(庞弘燊);  Wei L(隗玲);  Tan XC(覃筱楚);  Dong K(董坤);  Xu HY(许海云);  Song YB(宋亦兵);  Hu ZY(胡正银)
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基于“主语-谓语-宾语”三元组的知识发现研究——以诱导多能干细胞领域为例 期刊论文
数字图书馆论坛, 2017, 期号: 9, 页码: 28-34
Authors:  隗玲;  胡正银;  庞弘燊;  覃筱楚;  郭红梅;  方曙
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基于概念向量的文本语义相似度方法探索 期刊论文
数字图书馆论坛, 2017, 期号: 7, 页码: 39-46
Authors:  郭红梅;  袁国华;  胡正银
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计算机软件著作权-再生医学与组织工程知识集成服务平台 其他
Authors:  胡正银;  刘春江;  文亦;  庞弘燊;  覃筱楚
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Hypervolume-Based Multi-level Algorithm for the Bi-criteria Max-Cut Problem 会议论文
, 哈尔滨, 2017
Authors:  Li-Yuan Xue;  Rong-Qiang Zeng;  Haiyun Xu;  Zheng-Yin Hu;  Yi Wen
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Solving the Bi-Criteria Max-Bisection Problem with Neighborhood Combination Strategies 会议论文
, 上海, 2017
Authors:  LiYuan Xue;  RongQiang Zeng;  HaiYun Xu;  ZhengYin Hu;  Yi Wen
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异构信息网络融合方法研究综述 期刊论文
图书情报工作, 2017, 卷号: 61, 期号: 7, 页码: 137-144
Authors:  田鹏伟;  张娴;  胡正银;  董坤;  许海云
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面向TRIZ的领域专利技术挖掘系统设计与实践 期刊论文
图书情报工作, 2017, 期号: 1, 页码: 117-124
Authors:  胡正银;  刘春江;  隗玲;  杨宁;  徐源;  许海云;  文奕
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