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Bi-LSTM+CRF-based Named Entity Recognition in Scientific Papers in the Field of Ecological Restoration Technology 会议论文
ASIS&T 2019, 澳大利亚墨尔本, 2019-10-17
Authors:  Ma JX(马建霞);  Yuan H(袁慧);  Jiang X(蒋翔)
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甘肃省与一带一路国家技术创新耦合与合作分析 会议论文
甘肃省第三届参事论坛 会议录, 兰州, 2019-10
Authors:  马建霞;  刘倩汝
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Study in Spatial Distribution Analysis of Science Research Activities based on Toponym Resolution in Text 会议论文
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics & 13th Collnet Meeting, 韩国首尔, 2012-10-23~2012-10-26
Authors:  Ma Jianxia
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Development of an institutional repositories network in Chinese Academy of Sciences 会议论文
, Chengdu,China, 2010-04-16~2010-04-18
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong;  Liu Wei;  Wu Denglu
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Institutional Repository  Institutional Repositories Network  Architecture  Implementation Strategies  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  Knowledge Management  
In-depth Customization and Extension of DSpace: Case Model of Developing an Institutional Repository System for institutes in CAS 会议论文
, Beijing, 2010-11-25~2010-11-27
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong;  Liu Wei;  Wu Denglu;  Ma Xiaojia
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Institutional Repository  Case Study  Dspace  Customization And Extension  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  
CAS IR Grid: An Institutional Repositories Network in CAS 会议论文
, Beijing, 2010-10-25~2010-10-27
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong;  Wu Denglu;  Liu Wei;  Ma Xiaojia
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Institutional Repository  Institutional Repositories Network  Institutional Repositories Grid  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  
A tool to analyse spatial distribution of science research activities based on toponym resolution in text 会议论文
2011 19th International Conference on Geoinformatics, Geoinformatics, Shanghai,, 24-26 June 2011
Authors:  Ma Jianxia;  Ma, Hanqing;  Liu, Shaoxiong;  Zhao, Yingguang;  Li, Na
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Progress in Developing CAS IR Grid 会议论文
, Kunming, China, 2009-11-09~2009-11-10
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Zhang Xiaolin;  Zhang Dongrong;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong
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Institutional Repository  
Advancement of scientific knowledge output management in Chinese Academy of Sciences based on institutional repositories network 会议论文
Proceedings - 2010 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, ICCSIT 2010, v 3, p 502-506, 2010, Chengdu, 2010
Authors:  Ma Jianxia;  Zhu, Zhongming;  Lu, Linong;  Liu, Wei;  Wu, Dengl
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机构知识库联盟可持续发展影响因素分析 会议论文
“2013中国机构知识库”学术研讨会, 云南昆明, 2013年9月26-29日
Authors:  曾苏;  马建霞
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