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CSpace – A More Practical and Customizable Repository Platform Serving Local Needs 会议论文
The Eighth International Conference on Open Repositories 2013, Charllottetown, Canada, 2013.7.8-2013.7.12
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Zhang Wangqiang;  Liu Wei;  Yao Xiaona;  Lu Linong
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Institutional Repository  Cspace  Open Source Software  机构知识库  Knowledge Asset Management Platform  开源软件  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  知识资产管理平台  中国科学院  
IR 深度服务发展趋势报告 演示报告
来自: 开放获取知识库日(OA Repository Day), 中国科学院国家科学图书馆(National Science Library, CAS) ,2012
Authors:  祝忠明;  马雨萌;  梁娜
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Open Access  Open Repository  Institutional Repository  Open Publishing  China Open Access Week  机构知识库  China Oa Week  
Developing Value-added Services Facilitating the Outreach of Institutional Repositories at CAS 会议论文
The 7th International Conference on Open Repositories, Edinburgh, UK, 2012.07.09-2012.07.13
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Liu Wei;  Lu Linong;  Yao Xiaona;  Zhang Wangqiang
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机构知识库  Institutional Repository  增值服务  Value-added Services  中国科学院  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  
Developing institutional repositories network: Taking IR Grid at Chinese Academy of Sciences as an example 期刊论文
Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science, 2011, 卷号: 4, 期号: 3/4, 页码: 24-34
Authors:  ZHU Zhongming;  ZHANG Dongrong;  MA Jianxia;  LI Lin;  LIU Xiwen
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Institutional Repository  Institutional Repositories Network  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  Cas Ir Grid  机构知识库  机构知识库网络  中国科学院  
Development of an institutional repositories network in Chinese Academy of Sciences 会议论文
, Chengdu,China, 2010-04-16~2010-04-18
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong;  Liu Wei;  Wu Denglu
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Institutional Repository  Institutional Repositories Network  Architecture  Implementation Strategies  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  Knowledge Management  
CAS IR Grid: An Institutional Repositories Network in CAS 会议论文
, Beijing, 2010-10-25~2010-10-27
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong;  Wu Denglu;  Liu Wei;  Ma Xiaojia
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Institutional Repository  Institutional Repositories Network  Institutional Repositories Grid  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  
In-depth Customization and Extension of DSpace: Case Model of Developing an Institutional Repository System for institutes in CAS 会议论文
, Beijing, 2010-11-25~2010-11-27
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong;  Liu Wei;  Wu Denglu;  Ma Xiaojia
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Institutional Repository  Case Study  Dspace  Customization And Extension  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  
Progress in Developing CAS IR Grid 会议论文
, Kunming, China, 2009-11-09~2009-11-10
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Zhang Xiaolin;  Zhang Dongrong;  Ma Jianxia;  Lu Linong
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Institutional Repository  
An attempt of data exchange between the institutional repository and the information environment for the management of scientific research— ARP 期刊论文
Library Collections, Acquisitions, & Technical Services, 2009, 卷号: 33, 期号: 1, 页码: 1-7
Authors:  马建霞;  王渊命;  祝忠明;  唐润寰
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Institutional Repository  Dspace  Scientific Information Environment  Data Exchange  
Architecture and Development of CAS IR GRID 演示报告
来自: Sino-German Symposium on Development of Library and Information Services, 2008, Hannover, Germany ,2008
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming(祝忠明);  Ma Jianxia(马建霞);  Zhang Xiaolin(张晓林);  Zhang Zhixiong(张智雄)
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机构知识库  Ir  中国科学院  Institutional Repository  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  机构知识库网格  架构