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The Trend of China’s Nation-Wide Emission Reduction Policy in the next 5 Years. 2016 China-US Climate Roundtable, Washington DC 演示报告
Authors:  Qu JS(曲建升)
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战略情报研究中的系统思维——以气候变化情报工作为例,· 中国科学院战略情报研究学术论坛 演示报告
Authors:  曲建升
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情报研究的发展挑战:从服务科学发展到支撑智库咨询,中国图书馆学会专业图书馆分会 演示报告
Authors:  曲建升
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Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of Data, Methods, and Theories in China,APN 21st joint Inter-Governmental Meeting and Scientific Planning Group Meeting 演示报告
Authors:  Qu JS(曲建升)
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气候变化在环境与发展多重目标中的地位与应对行动 演示报告
来自: 中国地理学会2014年会, 成都 ,2014
Authors:  曲建升;  廖琴
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气候变化  环境与发展  地理学会  
The Green Development Pathways and Risks for Under-Developed Regions—A Case Study of China 演示报告
来自: UNFCCC,COP 19/CMP9, Side Event: Seminar on Integrated Risk Governance for Climate Change Adaptation and Green Development, 波兰华沙 ,2013
Authors:  Jiansheng QU(曲建升)
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气候变化  绿色发展  风险  碳排放  
Comparison Studies on Regional Carbon Footprints in China 演示报告
来自: UN Climate Change Conference/COP 18/CMP 8 Side Event: Green Economy and Global Climate Change Risks: Challenges and Opportunities, Doha ,2012
Authors:  Qu JS(曲建升)
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Climate Change  Climate Policy  Carbon Emission  China  
气候变化科学:从减缓气候变化到低碳发展 演示报告
来自: 中国地理学会2012年会气候变化与可持续发展分会, 河南开封 ,2012
Authors:  曲建升
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气候变化  气候政策  低碳发展  
An Assessment on the Subsistence Carbon Emissions of Peasants and Herdsmen in Arid-Alpine Regions, China 演示报告
Authors:  Jiansheng Qu(曲建升);  Qin Wang(王琴);  Jingjing Zeng(曾静静);  Yan Li(李燕);  Lihua Zhang(张丽华)
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Climate Change  Carbon Emission  气候变化  碳排放  
An Assessment on the Subsistence Carbon Emissions of Peasants and Herdsmen in Arid-Alpine Regions, China 演示报告
来自: Beijijing International Conference on Climate Change Science, Beijing ,2010
Authors:  Qu JS(曲建升)
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