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中国虚拟天文台数据共享及CoreTrustSeal认证经验分享 演示报告
来自: 科学数据管理、仓储和应用实践研讨会, 北京 ,2019
Authors:  樊东卫
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天文  Coretrustsea  
Study on Innovation Path Identification Based on Topics Association of Science and Technology 演示报告
Authors:  Xu HY(许海云);  Chunjiang Liu;  Rui Luo;  Ziqiang Liu;  Yan Qi
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Innovation Path  Topics Association  Science And Technology  
Paving the road for Open Science strategies and services via the global Repository Network 演示报告
来自: Open Repositories Conference 2017, Brisbane, Australia ,2017
Authors:  Ku Liping(顾立平);  Friedrich Summann;  Dirk Pieper
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Open Science  Open Repository  
以学者为中心的机构学术资讯系统 演示报告
Authors:  陈光华
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Current Status of the Japanese Open Access Activity and Our Vision to the Open Science 演示报告
Authors:  Kazutsuna Yamaji
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Institutional Repository,Data Curation&Other Academic Activities in National Taiwan University 演示报告
Authors:  Chen GH(陈光华)
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Constructing a national S&T literature preservation system 演示报告
来自: Taking the Long View: International Perspectives on E-Journal Archiving, edinburgh, UK ,2015
Authors:  Wu ZX(吴振新)
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长期保存  Digital Preservation  国家保存体系  保存系统  
科研数据政策与数据级别计量 演示报告
来自: Altmetrics学术传播与评鉴新应用学术研讨会, (台湾)政治大学社会科学资料中心 ,2014
Authors:  顾立平
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Technology Life Cycle Analysis Modelling based on Patent Documents 演示报告
来自: The 4th International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis(FTA), 2011
Authors:  Lidan Gao;  Alan L Porter;  Jing Wang;  Shu Fang;  Xian Zhang;  Tingting Ma;  Wenping Wang;  Lu Huang
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