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JianSheng Qu Director, Information Center for Global Change Studies
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JianSheng Qu


Dr. Jiansheng Qu is employed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Scientific Information Center for Resources and Environment(Lanzhou Branch of National Science Library, CAS), a research body that advises the national level leadership on science and policy options relating to climate change. He heads Environmental Ecology Strategic Research for the organization. He studied the effects of climate change on the populations of less developed regions in China.  He has also examined how the Clean Development Mechanism ties improvement initiatives for climate change and development.  He has concentrated on carbon emission assessments of populations in China’s critical regions in order to observe the hypothesized relationship between carbon emissions and regional income; as well as the role of urbanization for carbon reduction and green growth. Additionally, he is the deputy director of Information Center for Chinese National Committees of International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, World Climate Research Programme, International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change and the International Programme of Biodiversity Science.

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