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Developing a Highly Automated Web Archiving System Based on IIPC Open Source Software 会议论文
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Digital Preservation, Chapel Hill, NC ,USA, 2015-12-2
Authors:  Wu ZX(吴振新);  Xie J(谢靖);  Hu JY(胡吉颖);  Zhang ZX(张智雄)
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Open Source Software  Web Archive  Platform Development  
Developing a Highly Automated Web Archiving System Based on IIPC Open Source Software 演示报告
来自: iPres2015, 美国,北卡罗莱纳州立大学(教堂山) ,2015
Authors:  Wu ZX(吴振新);  Xie J(谢靖);  Hu JY(胡吉颖);  Zhang ZX(张志雄)
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Web Archive  网络信息存档  系统建设  Open Source Software  Web Archiving System  
Constructing a national S&T literature preservation system 演示报告
来自: Taking the Long View: International Perspectives on E-Journal Archiving, edinburgh, UK ,2015
Authors:  Wu ZX(吴振新)
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长期保存  Digital Preservation  国家保存体系  保存系统  
Digital Preservation Center of NSLC 会议论文
iPRES 2013: proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, Lisboa ,Portugal, 2013-09
Authors:  Wu ZX(吴振新)
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Preservation  Digital Objects  Ipres  International Conference  
CSpace – A More Practical and Customizable Repository Platform Serving Local Needs 会议论文
The Eighth International Conference on Open Repositories 2013, Charllottetown, Canada, 2013.7.8-2013.7.12
Authors:  Zhu Zhongming;  Zhang Wangqiang;  Liu Wei;  Yao Xiaona;  Lu Linong
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Institutional Repository  Cspace  Open Source Software  机构知识库  Knowledge Asset Management Platform  开源软件  Chinese Academy Of Sciences  知识资产管理平台  中国科学院  
Web-based Multi-dimensional Medical Image Collaborative Annotation System 会议论文
, Beijing, China, 2012-12-8
Authors:  Gaihong Yu;  Dianfu Ma;  Hualei Shen;  Yonggang Huang
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Medical Image  Annotation  Data Model  Collaborative  
Extraction Knowledge Objects in Scientific Web Resource for Research Profiling 会议论文
, 保定, 2009-07-12~2009-07-15
Authors:  Zhang Zhixiong;  Xu Jian;  Liu Jianhua etc
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Knowledge Objects  Research Term Extraction  Research Object Extraction  Research Profiling  Relation Extraction  
Research Profiling Based on Semantic Mining 演示报告
来自: 2009 Asian Semantic Web Conference, Shanghai,China ,2009
Authors:  Zhi-xiong Zhang;  Jian-hua Liu;  Ying Ding;  Na Hong
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Research Profiling  Semantic Mining  Knowledge Extraction  
Research Profiling Based on Semantic Mining-Poster 演示报告
来自: 2009 Asian Semantic Web Conference, Shanghai,China ,2009
Authors:  Liu JH(刘建华)
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来自: 2009 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 保定 ,2009
Authors:  Liu JH(刘建华);  Zhang ZX(张智雄)
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Knowledge Objects  Research Object Extraction  Relation Extraction  Research Term Extraction  Research Profiling